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New Patient Forms

Please download and fill out our patient information forms here. These forms are Adobe Acrobat Files.

New Patient Appointments

Due to the nature of of our practice, our guidelines for appointments are:

If you have to reschedule a new patient appointment, one reschedule will be allowed. After that, we will not be able to set another appointment for you.

If you fail to keep your new patient appointment without a valid reason and fail to notify our office in advance, we will not be able to set another appointment for you.

For established patients and their office followup visits: A yearly office visit is REQUIRED for all patients receiving allergy injection therapy. For those patients not receiving allergy injections, an office visit is required at least every 2 years. Thank you for your cooperation.

We will see you for your initial evaluation in two visits. Our standard office procedure is to verify your insurance benefits and then give you an estimate of your charges and then estimate the amount due from you for your first visit. These charges may vary depending on each individual’s skin tests and labs required. If it is determined that allergy shots are needed there will be additional charges for this and these will be discussed at a later time. You are expected to pay any amount remaining on your deductible and co-pay at each visit. We will file your insurance for these visits but you are responsible for any remaining balances that your insurance does not cover within 30 days of insurance payment. Supplies purchased in our office are NOT filed to the insurance.

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